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I started working with my FSF trainer, Andy, June 17th on a fitness program to suit my needs. Andy’s positive coaching and wanting feedback to make sure you are getting what you want or need is another new twist to his personal training. He wants you to know and feel that you are moving toward your goals and getting a work out tailored to you.

I noticed positive improvements within the first few days of doing my fitness program. I started to sleep better at night, less back, pain and no fatigue while walking. The second week my back felt stronger, my mood improved and I didn’t even mind riding my stationary bike like I had in the beginning. The next week I noticed when I crossed my arms they felt firm and a bit of muscle was developing. I went dancing and bowling recently all in one evening.

I now visit the chiropractor less and have an overall general better feeling of wellness. I have had personal trainers in the past and none have done for me in 6 weeks what Andy had helped me do In 6 sessions. I have had such a positive experience these past few weeks I am excited to see what lies ahead for me in my fitness program with Full Scale Fitness. It is a positive uniqueness in the way they do Full Scale Fitness. They put a whole new positive meaning to their profession and industry.

I’ve struggled with weight loss my entire life. When I decided to hire a personal trainer I was determined to change my ways. After several months, something happened that never had before; I enjoyed my exercise routine. My trainer was friendly and personable which made me comfortable enough to focus on me. I became strong over the months and my weight continued to go down.

Due to health problems I’ve had to discontinue my sessions. Hopefully one day I’ll be cleared to train again. Andy truly understands the human body and how to train and motivate while working around physical barriers. Putting the money towards my health by hiring an in-home personal trainer was the best $$ I’ve ever spent.”

Jaime lost 68 lbs from June to October with her in-home personal trainer! Way to go Jaime!

Jamie B. , Akron

Hello my name is Joey Phillips, I’m a 57 year old retiree. For the last 24 years I have become a distance runner. Accomplishing 48 total marathons including 19 Boston’s. Although I always considered myself to be “in shape” the last few years have taken a bit of a toll on my body. That’s where I was fortunate enough to have run into Andy Hanson and his Full Scale Fitness training programs.

I was telling him about my dilemma and he instantly worked on a solution. His programs he has set up for me has given my workouts a precise purpose. He zeroed in on MY NEEDS as a distance runner and gave me the proper routine. The difference in my running is immeasurable, but more so my physical well-being is in much better step. His commitment to YOUR needs and his commitment to detail is worth calling upon him. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Full Scale Fitness’ guidance. He indeed is fighting off Father Time, and his work is making my 20th Boston training focused. Thanks Andy.

JOEY P., Runner

“Working out with Full Scale Fitness was awesome. I learned many techniques and the correct way to workout after all this time. My soccer performance improved with the in-depth training they provided. Being 1-on-1 was extremely valuable for my improvement instead of being in a team training setting. Plus it was fun and motivated me to keep working out daily.”

“Full Scale Fitness does a fantastic job with seniors! We hired a personal trainer to help my parents, 94 and 88, maintain and regain strength and endurance. He carefully monitors them using the latest devices to ensure they are not “overdoing it”. Mom is rehabbing a broken hip and our trainer has been a godsend to be sure she is safely progressing despite some balance problems.

Mom and Dad look forward to his visits. He is always cheerful and provides positive motivation while helping them to understand and accept their limitations. He also has given them informational articles designed to assist them to better understand their goals. I can rest assured that my parents’ safety is his top priority and that they are in excellent hands.”




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