Why Women Should Lift Weights

Why Women Shouldn't be Afraid to Lift Heavy

I am a 26 year old woman. I want to be strong and I want to be fit, but I don’t want to look like a man. Many women are under the impression that if they lift heavy that they will start to get muscles like a man. You look at the incredibly lucrative weight lifting champions who are women and you begin to think that you are going to look like that. I would like to begin by saying that at the moment I am afraid to lift heavy, because I am 5 months pregnant, and that’s the only time that women should really be avoiding heavy lifting. Other than that, women really shouldn’t be afraid to do some heavy lifting! I would love to explain why women shouldn’t be afraid to lift heavy.

You Won't Get "Bulky"

  1. You Won’t Look Like a Man: Let us first stop the myth that you will begin to look like a man if you start to lift heavy. News flash ladies, men and women are different. Men’s muscles show much easier and quicker than women. It is much easier for men to have sculpted arms, strong showing leg muscles and abs, way before women. We don’t have the same balance of hormones or testosterone so we won’t bulk like men. The women who you confuse as men because they are so HUGE are women who are using additional supplements to look like that.
  2. You Aren’t Going to Get Hurt: Stop being a girl about it! Was that too harsh? Look ladies, it’s 2017, the times in which you were afraid to do “tough things” is in the past. It’s the modern day where us women can do just as much as men. The gym is no longer the “man’s place” we must equally have our gender represented. Come on ladies! Buck up! You aren’t going to get hurt lifting weight unless you are doing it wrong. You might get sore, but embrace the soreness!!!
  3. Building Muscle Makes You Stronger: Well duh, of course building muscle makes you stronger! Building muscles is very important. Strengthening muscles can make you healthier, you will be less likely to get hurt when you do things active, you will live longer and the benefits of building muscle goes on and on. These benefits aren’t only for men, women need to build muscle too!
  4. Men DO like Sculpted Women: I am not saying we should only improve ourselves because you want to impress a man (don’t don things for your men…do things for yourself), but I know that I am always striving to look beautiful and sexy for my husband. And you know what? He loves strong women! I am not talking only about the women who stand up for themselves, but physically strong! Long ago are the days when guys want little super model bodies who look like Twiggy. They want strong women who can defend themselves if need be.
  5. Being a Strong Woman is Awesome: If you don’t believe any of these other reasons to lift heavy, then you should know that being a strong woman is totally awesome. You will be a total BOSS if you can flex and your muscles are stronger then the men around you! I remember when there was a live cam at a football game. It was a flex cam that was going around the audience and asking people to flex. They showed a guy who flexed and everybody laughed because he didn’t really have much there. The women next to him stood up and showed her arms. The girl was ripped and the whole crowed roared with applause! That was such a cool moment where the our country thinks it’s amazing that women are lifting weights just like the men.