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Sitting is the New Smoking


We all know smoking is bad. Even people who smoke know that they aren’t doing the healthiest thing for their bodies. It’s 2017, so we all understand that smoking kills your lungs, your brain cells and lowers you life expectancy. We all know this right? You might even judge those who smoke, thinking, “how could you possibly do something so bad for your body when you know it’s so unhealthy?” What if I were to tell you that you are doing something bad for your body EVERY SINGLE DAY! How many hours a day are you sitting around? How many hours are you choosing to sit and watch television rather than move around. Sitting really is the new smoking.


Technology is awesome. We all have benefited positively from the creation of modern cell phones, television, computers, tablets and even gaming systems. Have you thought about how much you have been hurt from these modern technologies? How often are you choosing to watch a show, play a game, or scan social media rather than move around (I of course say this as I am sitting down typing: the irony is not lost on me). It is time for you to really contemplate how often you are choosing to sit around and flip through your Facebook rather than going on a walk!


Why is sitting so bad?

  1. Gain Weight: Is it really a big surprise that sitting more causes more weight gain? Your ability to process food will go down and it weakens your metabolism.
  2. Decrease Heart Health: Your heart is responsible to push blood throughout your body. The stronger your heart and the more proficient the heart, the healthier your body is. Your heart is strengthened from exercise and healthy habits. Therefore, sitting is going to weaken your heart and lower your heart health.
  3. Sitting is Linked to Earlier Death: Studies have shown the more sedentary you are, the more likely you are to die an earlier death from various reasons. Many studies have shown that the most sedentary people have 22-49% greater risk of earlier death.
  4. Sitting for Too long is Linked to Disease: Sitting for a long period of time on a regular basis is heavily linked to diabetes as well as heart disease.

At this point you might be kind of worried because you catch yourself sitting quite often. I know many people who have cubicle positions where they are expected to sit and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. Well, just because you have this kind of job doesn’t mean you are destined to get a disease and die an early death. There are ways to combat sitting for long periods of time.


4 Easy Steps to Reduce Sitting Time

  1. Stretch Often: When you are sitting at your desk make sure that you are continually stretching out your legs and your arms to keep the blood flowing.
  2. Get a Unique Desk: There are some really awesome desk options out there that allow you to sit or stand. This would be a great option if you are done sitting and you know you need to stand up. We recommend the Jaswig standing desk! This company has YOU on their mind and has developed a desk that is perfect for the busy worker-bee.  ( – if you’re interested)
  3. Change Office Set Up: If you have the option you can place your phone, your fax and other things that you use often around you office so that you have to get up and move every time you want to use that item.
  4. Sit on Exercise Ball: You can exchange your chair with an exercise ball. These are fun and can get you moving.