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There was a time when I wanted to have a lifestyle not dieting when I was trying to lose weight. I have tried and done it all!  Whether it was trying to do different types of diets, I tried cutting out all things sugar, I tried depriving myself of yummy food, I even tried unhealthy ways (just not eating). It’s not that I was never “fat” but I was never happy with my body. Being a three sport athlete, I still weighed 20-30 lbs heavier than my teammates and I had NO idea how they could be so small by eating worse than me and we exercised the exact same amount. When I went to college my lifestyle changed. I was no longer exercising like I was in high school. My sleeping schedule was horrible, I was sitting most of the time, and I couldn’t afford healthy food.

It's a lifestyle, not a diet.

In high school I was about 150 lbs and when I came home from my first semester of school I stood on the scale and I was 179 lbs! What?! How in the world did that even happen! Some people say Freshman 15, I was more like first semester freshman 30. It was CRAZY! I immediately joined weight watchers and I started working really hard. Even with my hard work,  I only lost 9 lbs! Something had to change! I finally threw everything out; tossing my recipe books, my food diary, I smashed my point calculator and I decided to do things differently.

By the end of it I had lost 50 lbs. and went from 180-130 in about 6 months. I know I had the benefit of only being 21 years old, but I also worked really hard to get there! How did I do that?

The Lifestyle Approach

  1. I found an exercise program that I enjoyed! I was tired of doing exercises and workouts that I hated and would dread. Who would be motivated to follow a routine that they hate? That is why I started my search for an online personal trainer who could write me workouts that I was able to do and more importantly, workouts that I enjoyed doing! This is how i stumbled upon Full Scale Fitness. After reviewing the company and what they stand for, I moved forward with online personal training. From there, they started me on a Phase 1 Program with my personal trainer and I loved every minute of it. This was almost like a reintroduction to exercise. Since then I have advanced into Phase 2 of my programming and I’m having great success.
  2. Meal sizes had to change! I ate until I was comfortable but I never over ate and that wasn’t always the case. Seeing food as fuel helped me eat things that I knew were healthy and good for me, but they weren’t so extreme. I didn’t just eat raw tuna and dry salad for each meal. Potatoes, bread and even cheese were a part of my diet! But I ate it all in smaller doses!
  3. If I was craving something, I would let myself have it. There were times where I wanted some McDonald’s French fries then I would go and get a small fry. Depriving myself from things that I loved made dieting almost impossible and when I would be around that food I would binge eat, because I hadn’t eaten it for so long. I lost WAY more weight by occasionally letting myself have a small craving (small being the important word).


    Comfort eating was no longer a “thing” for me. It was hard to realize how much I was eating because I was sad, lonely or bored. I started really thinking about whether or not I was hungry or having emotions convincing me to eat. This was probably the most important development that I had to make!


    Drinking more water was a necessity for me. It surprised me how often I was just thirsty instead of hungry. I started drinking 10 cups of water (yes I counted) each day and I would find myself not snacking as much. If I started feeling hungry, I would drink water and if I was still hungry then I knew that I was actually hungry and not just thirsty.

    Remember – It’s life-styling, not dieting! If you need help on your diet or getting your fitness in-line, give us a call! Check out our personal training options here: