Benefits of Cold Showers

I had always heard studies about the benefits that can occur from taking a cold shower, but I never took the initiative to actually follow through and do it. These benefits include relieving stress, increasing energy, good for skin and health, and helping with muscle recovery. I have been taking cold showers now consistently for over a month now and I have no desire to switch back to hot showers now. It has provided me with so many benefits. It has helped me take care of my skin during this cold season. Hot showers will harm essential protective oils your skin contains. This is what causes dry skin and irritation (Migala 2017). I no longer need to apply as much skin moisturizing since I switched over to cold showers.

Cold showers will also help enhance the effect of shampoo moisturizing compared to hot showers. I also found that cold showers gave me more energy throughout the rest of the day. I found that because the cold shower put my body in a small state of discomfort and forced me to wake up. I felt an additional boost of energy each time I took a shower. Hot showers didn’t affect my energy levels because it didn’t challenge my body compared to the cold showers. Lastly, cold showers saved me a ton of time throughout the day. I used to take 20 minute showers because of how relaxing the hot water could be. The cold showers have been much shorter and have provided more physical health benefits to me.


I encourage you guys all to try and take just one cold shower and see if you notice any of these benefits. Getting into the shower initially is the most difficult part. Once you get past that, your body will slowly get used to it and it will get easier. You will be surprised at how good your body feels when you are done with.

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